George Montague Holton III RIP
A Sad Day For Garage Rock...
By Ronnie

The sky was crying this week in Atlanta – rain all week. It was as if the God’s were aware of the loss to garage rock and acted accordingly to let us all reflect. I’m talking about the passing of the MIGHTY MONTAGUE, the guitarist for the Woggles. George Montague Holton III passed away in his sleep on Monday, May 12, 2003. The gentle giant with a rock ‘n roll heart was only 31.

I first became aware of the Woggles quite by accident. They were opening for another band that I had paid to see. While I forget the name of the main act, I did NOT forget the Woggles! In fact, after their show I did something I seldom do – purchased both of the band’s LP’s at their merchandise booth (yes, kiddies, their first two albums on VINYL!). I never personally knew Montague, having only interviewed Manfred, “The Professor” for EAR CANDY. But the presence of “THE HUMAN METRONOME” (one of his many colorful moniker’s) at many of the Woggles shows that I attended left an impression. “The Professor” might be the preaching focal point of the band – delivering the holy word of garage rock – but Montague was the heart & soul of the band.

While it is a sad moment for us mere mortals, it is a time of jubilation in rock ‘n roll heaven. At this very moment the MIGHTY MONTAGUE is teaching the guitar chords to the song “Doin’ the Montague” to the house band in rock ‘n roll heaven. So, the next time you hear that song on the band’s FRACTURED CD, close your eyes and picture the helluva jam session that is going on at this very moment.

George's parents have asked him to be buried in a Woggles T-shirt with his guitar strap at his side. Let’s just hope that the Woggles eventually continue as a band - I think the MIGHTY MONTAGUE would have wanted it that way!

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